What your support enabled us to do in 2015


Please don’t tell Oliver that he is a senior, special needs pug. Because we know he certainly doesn’t see himself that way. Oliver came in to foster care during one of the MANY snowstorms in the winter of 2015. His owners were moving and although it broke their hearts, they knew they could not take him. Oliver had been in three other homes. We wanted his next home to be his FOREVER HOME. When Ollie was delivered to his foster home on that snowy morning, he could barely see due to his diabetes and was very underweight. After a few ups and downs with his glucose levels, and multiple vet visits, PRONE was able to get Oliver on an insulin that worked well for him and stabilize his sugars. We think Oliver hit the pug lottery when he was adopted – by a nurse! It is amazing what great care and love can do for a pug. Ollie has gained weight, has improved eyesight and loves to play with his toys. He is home.


Max was a perfect gentleman at only five years old. Smart and friendly, he loved people and other dogs. And he was one of those breathtakingly beautiful black pugs. The problem? Max had a LARGE mast cell tumor on the hock of his back leg. The location of the tumor concerned us – as we all know that tumors on the legs pose a particular challeng with removal and good margins. But the tumor was causing him great discomfort, and we knew we had to remove it – good or bad margins. Our amazing PRoNE vet agreed. Max made it through the surgery – and though we know the margins weren’t great – we also know it’s not causing him discomfort any longer. He was running around in no time. There is a chance that mast cell tumor will return – but the folks who adopted Max are vigilant and check him daily. He is one little brave boy!


Mature, handsome 13yo boy ISO the love of his life, and a spot to spend his golden years. NO ONE will love you like a senior pug will love you. He won’t care if you are having a bad hair day (he can’t see!), or if you don’t feel like talking too much (he’s deaf!), he doesn’t care! Will you love him? Sit on the couch with him? Will you cook (cause he will sit ON your feet as you do that – nothing wrong with this boy’s nose!). Will you pat him? Will you lay down on the couch and take a nap with him? How about taking him outside? Can you give him a little shot in the morning and night (he’s diabetic)? Can you overlook the fact that he’s deaf, blind and diabetic? Cause IF you can, then there is MORE love waiting for you from this boy than you can imagine.

Grampy has well-controlled diabetes which requires 2 insulin shots a day, and a controlled diet (good quality food, along with veggie (no carb) snacks during the day. He gets along with dogs and every human he’s ever met. He would benefit from living with someone who works from home or works PT. As long as you are around to let him out regularly, he is housetrained. He is one happy boy, and deserves a forever home of his own.


Look at this FACE! Dinozzo was surrendered to MSPCA Nevins. While Nevins is a wonderful facility, we know pugs NEED people and this guy was no different. Dinozzo is six years old and blind but otherwise healthy. Though he was receiving extra attention from the volunteers at the shelter (they loved him), he was frightened and confused by the loud noises around him. Dinozzo needed to be in a home with a family and other dogs to comfort him. Nevins reached out to PRoNE and of course…we couldn’t say no to this face! We discovered he was super smart and he could follow voice commands to navigate around the house and yard! After a month in foster care this big boy was adopted by a former PRoNE adopter and has his very own “seeing eye dog”, English bulldog sister Phoebe, who is his constant companion. We couldn’t be happier for Dinozzo! Good boy!

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