What your support enabled us to do in 2013

Molly & Caity

Molly & Caity

This senior pair of girls was surrendered to the MSPCA on the Cape last fall as their owner passed away and their new owners did not have the time to care for them. The girls were full of love for one another and everyone they met. PRoNE took them into foster care updated them on their vaccinations and their foster family showered them with love. The girls were adopted together by a very loving family who couldn’t have been happier to add them to their family.


He is such a good boy. Here he is pictured with one of his new mama’s at this year’s Pug Social. Bosley was in PRoNE foster care for over a year! Bosley lost his site and although his family loved him very much the toddler in their home was too much for a blind pug. While in foster care Bosley was spoiled by his foster parents and two pug foster sisters. He LOVED to snuggle with them and go for long walks sniffing the grass in the great outdoors! Due to his eye condition one of his eyes had to be removed but he was such a great sport about it and he is much more comfortable and happier now. After a long time in foster care Bosley’s very special family came along…Bosley was happy to wait a little longer for the most perfect family!


If you follow PRoNE then you KNOW Kingston….now Kismet. Kismet was found in a parking lot on a VERY hot 100 degree summer day in July. We think he was left there because he was unable to walk due to some nerve damage and he was severely dehydrated. While in PRoNE foster care Kismet learned what it felt like to be LOVED! He gained strength in his back end and began running and playing with the other pugs and humans in his foster home. Kismet was adopted by a very special couple who ADORE him and he now has a pug brother of his very own named Navy to share his life with.


Tripod Pugs are the best! This is Puggie he came into PRoNE with many breaks in his front left leg. After review of his x-rays the prognosis to save his leg was very poor and thus had to be amputated. Puggie like many tripod pugs began a new happy life on three legs! After only a few weeks Puggie figured out how to run and play and hasn’t skipped a beat since. He was adopted by a family that instantly fell in love with him and Puggie has No IDEA that he is different from any other dog. He is SUPER PUGGIE!

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